What makes slim.in unique?

Slim.in is different from anything you have ever seen before. No … we really are !

Our methodology

We run weight loss groups at a venue close to you. Each session is for an hour every week and is facilitated by a psychologist. Group-based weight loss is an established way of losing weight in the west, where obesity has been a problem for much longer. Even a small country like UK has 19,000 such meetings every week!

Our diet plan does not work on calories. It is personalised to you and is based on UKĀ guidelines around food groups. No food is banned on slim.in. In fact, every plan has a discretionary allowance for the occasional samosa or jalebi.

Our plan nudges you to eat healthy and filling foods. You are never hungry on slim.in.

We believe that knowing what to do to lose weight is not enough. Our various articles under the Seven Pillars of Weight Loss gives a glimpse of various topics we cover in our weekly sessions.

Our philosophy

  • We use Nutrition science to help you learn and Psychology to help you implement
  • No pills, shakes, products or machines
  • We focus on lifestyle changes to achieve weight loss for life
  • Body image is important to us. We never conflate beauty with losing weight.
  • We recognise that weight loss is hard to achieve. We do not trivialise the effort it takes.
  • We believe in a research-based approach to losing weight.