Weight loss groups

Our weight loss groups meet once a week to learn, ask questions, discuss, vent, get help, share their ideas, get help from us & the group and, more importantly, to change unhealthy habits.

Weight loss groups work! In the west, where obesity has been a challenge for much longer, weight loss groups are the norm. In fact, in a small country like the UK, 19000+ meetings run every week!

Learn about Healthy Eating

Did you know that Kellogg’s Special K has as much sugar as Parle G biscuits? Or that it has more salt than Lays Classic Salted Chips? What does 0% cholesterol on various food packets actually mean? Is Nutri Choice really for the “calorie conscious” as it claims to be?

At slim.in, we believe that knowledge is the first step towards changing behaviour. Our participants learn how to read and interpret nutrition labels, what is a healthy, balanced diet and what habits to change for sustainable weight loss

Seven Pillars of Weight Loss

If weight loss was easy, a third of the world (~1.9bn) would not be overweight. It is complex and dependent on numerous internal and external factors.

Each week, we cover one topic from our seven pillars: Motivation and Expectations, Planning and Goal Setting, Skilling up, Developing the right attitude, Managing Emotional Eating, Getting and asking for support and Managing Surroundings.

Vent your frustrations

Keeping track of what you eat can be tiring and not every week is a good week. However, as one of our participants so eloquently put, you always leave the group rejuvenated and with a firm action plan for next week.

Support from us and the group

New ideas, help, support … get all this, and more, from us and the group.