Facilitated by a Psychologist

Sometimes, knowing what to do is the easy bit. Actually following through is hard. Habits formed over the years are difficult to change. This results in a typical pattern to weight loss resolutions: diet for the first few days, an inevitable “mess up”, back on track for another few days, a few more missed targets and in about 15 days, all resolutions have gone for a toss.

It does not have to be this way. Slim.in is here to help!

The Seven Pillars of Weight Loss help you understand what to do. Our psychologists help you understand how to do it … how to achieve the changes in behaviour necessary for sustainable weight loss.

Tools to help change behaviours

We are all about behaviour change. Our approach is based on a comprehensive literature review. We read pretty much everything published about losing weight and changing behaviours. So everything we do is based on sound scientific evidence. The tools we use mainly come from studies in smoking cessation and substance abuse.

Proven lifestyle changes

Based on our extensive reading of the research literature on obesity management, we have identified 14 changes that help you lose weight. And we work with you every week to help you incorporate them into your daily routine

Incorporate regular exercise

We work with you to identify your personal barriers to physical activity, help you incorporate exercise into your lifestyle.

Track your progress

Sometimes on a weight loss programme, the weighing scale becomes too powerful. The day/week you lose weight, you are happy. When you don’t, you are miserable. We track weight as well. Not least because as your weight changes, we revise your allowance as well. However, we also track Quality of life using the standardised questionnaire (SF 36) used the world over.

After all, we areĀ about helping you lead healthier, happier and fitter lives.