Why don’t New Year resolutions succeed, and what to do about it


Successful resolutions

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As the year comes to an end, we start to treat ourselves as an important renovation project. We are suddenly reminded of the idyllic lifestyle that we had once envisioned for ourselves, and we make our life about a “new me”! But when the New Year finally rolls around, something pulls us back into our “old life”. We sag back into the pace of what we have always been used to.

Truth is that change is hard.

While the prospect of change may excite us at first, sticking to the chores that come with it, and following through on the little things that actually make it happen, can be exhausting and rather demotivating in the long run.

That is why New Year resolutions (or any sweeping declaration of change) almost never succeed!

We need more than a decision or a declaration on the ideals of change. We need to find smaller units of important behaviours to commit to. We need to have achievable goals we can make efforts towards in a focused and sustained manner.

Behavior theorists have emphasized the utility of SMART goals in helping us improve our ability to self regulate behavior. They also talk in glowing terms of the importance of tracking, small, non-food rewards and structured planning for change. 

And that’s precisely what this session will help you do! Join in to ease the change-making process

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