Coming soon! Tame your worries and stress in 8 weeks


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“Once I start to worry, I just can’t stop. Some things enter my head and just seem to take over. Sometimes I play the whole argument/conversation in my head. I get upset and tense when this happens. Then I start worrying that all this worrying is harming my health. This sets off another downward spiral of fears and there just does not seem to be a way out.”

Being anxious is a natural body response to danger/stress. However, when you get stuck in a vicious circle of being unable to break free of worry, when it starts affecting your sleep and health, that is when something needs to be done.

And as everyone stuck in this vicious circle knows, “Just stop worrying” is not a solution

As part of the intervention, we will cover the following:

  • self-monitoring,
  • manage bodily sensations (dizziness, difficulty in breathing, etc)
  • manage psychological symptoms and learn how to dismiss worries
  • problem-solving techniques
  • learn to be more assertive
  • time management
  • build resilience to cope in the long-term
  • dealing with lapses and relapses

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