Tame your Binge Eating / Bulimia in 20 weeks


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“It starts with some stress like someone in office saying something about me or my work. This converts into strong desire to eat. Usually, it is a desire to eat something sweet. Initially, it is a relief and comfort to eat, and I feel very good. But then, I can’t stop myself. I eat as if there is no tomorrow. I eat and eat frantically until I am absolutely stuffed. Afterwards, I feel so guilty and angry with myself.”

“Every binge makes me feel worse. It makes me hate myself more. Instead of stopping, I punish myself with more and more food”

“Nobody understands what I go through. They don’t know me”

“Food is always on my mind.

“I don’t know if I really want to change my binge eating. It is my friend, my ‘go to’ whenever I am stressed. But I know I need to change. Food controls my life”

“Once I am full, I feel the need to get rid of it all. I put 2 fingers in my mouth and try to puke everything out”

Binge Eating is a disorder that needs a proper intervention. It is not the same as dieting to lose weight. In fact, in most cases, dieting is the CAUSE of the disorder. In addition, some people “purge” using laxatives, diuretics and/or vomiting (Bulimia). This causes serious harm to the body.

This intervention is for anyone who has a problem controlling their eating. Binge eating is typically characterised by the following

Feelings: A binge starts with an enjoyable feeling, but quickly turn in to feelings of disgust as the person continues to eat

Speed of eating: Typically, people eat rapidly during a binge (although some do report “slow-moving binges”). Many people stuff food into their mouth almost mechanically, barely chewing or enjoying it.

Loss of control: This distinguishes binge eating from everyday overeating. People describe it as being in a trace and unable to stop themselves even though they have realised they should stop. This loss of control may be the case even if the binge is interrupted by, say, a phone call or a knock on the door.

Our 20 week / 20 sessions intervention is designed to help you repair your relationship with food. Please note that this is NOT, primarily a weight loss intervention. However, it is possible that you may lose weight once you have overcome your binge eating

Session length

20 sessions. Each session lasts for an hour. However, we recommend that you keep an additional 30 mins aside in case we run over. Particularly in the first couple of sessions.

If you are interested, please leave your details and we will be in touch.


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