Lose weight in 12 weeks


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Weight loss is hard. Our 12-week intervention makes it easier

This 12-week intervention is to ensure that you have all the tools necessary to successfully lose weight.

Join us and lose weight .. for life.


Slim.in has been an amazing learning experience. As I keep telling Navin, he should charge me twice since both my wife and I benefit from lifelong learning this has given me. By learning mindful eating, I have actually started enjoying food even more. The session on nutrition labels was an amazing eye opener. That was all the more surprising given that one of my businesses does nutrition value testing for food products

Ashish Mehta, co-founder, bank2grow.com

When I first saw the slim.in insert in the newspaper it intrigued me a lot but honestly had no idea how beneficial it would turn out. I’m really glad that I joined this group and the results are already showing. The best part is that I have been able to lose 3 kgs in approximately 3 months and with very simple but sustainable changes not only in how / what I eat but in my overall lifestyle!!​

Jyotsna Rajpal, Senior MNC banker

The group support within slim.in is really helpful. Watching and planning what to eat can be tiring. Attending slim.in gives me a plan for the next week along with energy to execute it. It helped me stick to my diet at a time when I am really busy with my child’s exams. Normally my diet would be the first thing to go out of the window. The information given is spot on. And so is their understanding of what can go wrong and how to prevent/correct it​

Surekha Yennemadi, Painter

What do we cover

Eating plan

Our eating plan is based on UK dietary guidelines and is customised to your height, weight, age and gender. It tells you how much starchy food, protein-rich food, dairy, fats/oil, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds you should be eating in a day. It even includes a daily cheat allowance that you can accumulate for a week!

Habits that help lose weight

We cover 14 habits that have been proven to help you lose weight. More importantly, we also cover commonly held myths that do not really affect weight.

How to change habits

Changing habits is hard. Changing a routine that has been a part of your life for the past 10, 15, 20 odd years is not easy. Yet, people overestimate their ability to change and are needlessly disappointed when they aren’t able to. If we had a rupee for every time someone told us “Eating breakfast is good? Ok, from tomorrow onwards, I will eat breakfast everyday”, we would have … well, enough to pray that Re. 1 coin does not get demonitised 🙂

We use behaviour change techniques that were developed to help in de-addiction programmes and adapt them for weight management. These include setting SMART goals, Rewarding oneself with non food rewards and Planning for change.

Nutrition label reading

Did you know that Kellogg’s’ Special K has more sugar than Parle G biscuits and more salt than Lays Classic Salted chips? Or than 0% cholesterol does not mean anything since dietary cholesterol is different from blood cholesterol? Learn how to interpret nutrition labels and the 4 nutrients of concern that you should focus on.

How to say NO to food when you want to say YES

Here we will learn on how to distinguish between hunger and cravings and how to deal with the latter using proven techniques.

Mindful eating

Mindfulness (which is a new-age name for meditation) is taking over the world by storm and rightly so. We introduce mindful eating and help you enhance the flavour of what you eat manifold

Stress management

Stress is a major factor for weight management to fail. We therefore introduce relaxation techniques to help you deal with things life throws at you!


If you find yourself eating a large number of calories in a short duration, feeling loss of control while eating, and feeling guilty/sick after you have done so, then please join our Binge Eating Disorder course. Please understand that dieting, in most cases, worsens binge eating.

Session length

12 sessions. Each session lasts for an hour. However, we recommend that you keep an additional 30 mins aside in case we run over. Particularly for the first couple of sessions.

If the above dates do not work for you, please leave your details and we will be in touch.


  • If you plan to use a mobile phone to connect with us, we suggest you print the material we send you before the session. Instructions on what to print will be in the email
  • If you plan to use a computer, please ensure you have a speaker and a microphone. Ideally, please use a headphone so that it reduces the surrounding noise.
  • A camera is optional but helpful
  • You should not face any technical difficulties as all you have to do is click a link to connect to us. We use zoom.us as our service provider for online meetings.
  • Please note that we do not provide technical support. If you think you might need help, it might be a good idea to have someone from your office/home help you
  • If you are unable to connect, we will refund your payment.