Lose weight in 12 weeks with slim.in


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Weight loss is hard. Our 12-week intervention makes it easier

You need to begin right.

You need to focus on the most impactful habits.

You need to understand what to eat so that it is not only within your allowance for your height, weight, age, and gender. But also distributed across all kinds of foods so you get all the necessary nutrients and filling calories. Yet flexible enough to incorporate the occasional indulgence. And does not need you to keep paying repeatedly for a diet plan.

You need to learn skills like how to read nutrition labels (did you know that Kellogg’s Special K has more sugar in it per 100gms than Parle G biscuits?).

Learn how to say NO to food cravings.

Eat mindfully to enjoy your meals.

Learn relaxation techniques so that stress does not derail your weight loss efforts.

This 12-week intervention is to ensure that you have all the tools necessary to successfully lose weight.

Join us and lose weight .. for life.