How to say NO to food when you feel like saying YES


Manage urges and cravings

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We don’t just eat when we are hungry.

Humans worldwide are known to gobble up their feelings, along with their favourite bag of chips or popcorn. At other times, craving for a certain food can be overpowering. The food or the amount we eat isn’t, in most cases,  a reflection of how hungry we are.

Join us for a 2-hour session on how to say NO to food and manage your urges/cravings. We will even do a role-playing exercise to simulate a party scenario where Pammi Aunty is insisting (forcing?) that “Ex samosa to khana hi padega (You HAVE to eat one samosa)” OR “Ek cake piece se koi wazan thodi badhta hai (You won’t put on weight just because of 1 piece of cake!)” 🙂