How to interpret nutrition labels – Level II


Some more nutrition labels including KFC & McDonalds

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Done with Level I of our popular “How to interpret nutrition labels”? Need some more practice or maybe, you just want to know more. Why don’t you join us as we crack some more nutrition labels like Pepsi versus Minute Maid Pulpy Orange? We also demonstrate fat and sugar content in the much loved Dairy Milk chocolate. And yes, you could make an informed choice the next time you visit McDonalds and KFC as we explore some options for you.

NOTE: it is strongly advised to do our Level I course before attending this one.

In this session, we cover the following

  • How much sugar is in Minute Maid Pulpy Orange
  • How does it compare to the sugar in Pepsi Cola
  • How does Nutri Choice No Sugar biscuit compare to Parle G
  • Visually see how much fat and sugar is in a bar of Dairy Milk chocolate
  • Analyse nutritional components of some favourites in McDonalds and KFC

Session length

1 Hour

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