Building self compassion – From self-criticism to self-kindness in 7 weeks


Love thyself

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The old saying goes that, “You are your own worst critic”. It is very true that most of us are hard on ourselves, particularly if we get even the slightest hint that we don’t ‘match up’ in some way – in our achievements, career or study, social standing, relationships, appearance, body image, financial status, etc. If we make even the minutest mistake, then we have a tendency to berate ourselves, and if we make a genuine medium or large mistake, then look out!

People seem to find it hard, and for some almost impossible, to treat or speak to themselves in a kind or caring manner. In fact, some recoil from the idea of it, like they were being asked to do something repulsive or painful

But self-compassion is vital to our well-being. Being able to cultivate self-compassion can be a stand-alone approach that might address all your mental health needs, or it may be a helpful starting point to then go on and address more specific issues like eating disorders, body image, and the like.

Either way, if you identify with being your own harshest critic, then join us on the journey from self-criticism to self-kindness.

What we cover

  • description of what self-compassion is, and why it is important to our mental health, particularly in helping us overcoming our tendency to be our own worst critic
  • pre-empting and dealing with the common barriers that get in the way of being more compassionate towards ourselves. These could be positive beliefs we may hold about being self-critical and negative beliefs we may hold about what is means to be self-compassionate
  • retraining attention to be more aware of when you are being self-critical and may be in need of a kinder approach to yourself
  • how to develop your own compassionate image, that will help you trigger compassionate feelings within you, which you can then direct towards yourself whenever you need them.
  • how to take the compassionate feelings you are developing, and allow these to guide how you think.
  • how to behave and act in more compassionate ways, both by being kinder towards yourself, kinder towards others, and how to face some of the tough things in life you may need to deal with
  • help you live a compassionate life over the long term

Session length

7 sessions. Each session lasts for an hour. However, we recommend that you keep an additional 30 mins aside in case we run over. Particularly in the first couple of sessions.

If the above dates do not work for you, please leave your details and we will be in touch.


  • If you plan to use a mobile phone to connect with us, we suggest you print the material we send you before the session. Instructions on what to print will be in the email
  • If you plan to use a computer, please ensure you have a speaker and a microphone. Ideally, please use a headphone so that it reduces the surrounding noise.
  • A camera is optional but helpful
  • You should not face any technical difficulties as all you have to do is click a link to connect to us. We use zoom.us as our service provider for online meetings.
  • Please note that we do not provide technical support. If you think you might need help, it might be a good idea to have someone from your office/home help you
  • If you are unable to connect, we will refund your payment.