Behind the Headlines: How to read Health News


Headlines sometimes don’t tell the whole truth

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Does the headline like “BOOZE BENEFITS: Drinking six pints of beer or glasses of wine a week could save you from deadly dementia” make you happy that you have a drink or two? Or “Organic food lowers blood and breast cancer risk, study finds” makes you rush to the Organic aisle? Hold your horses and join us to understand the truth behind health news headlines.

Headlines are written to make you click. Article are written to make you engage and share. Informing you of the nuances of the research behind the headline is not necessarily the priority of the news editor. Reading health news may make us feel empowered. However, if it isn’t followed up by a critical eye for detail, it may lead to making incorrect decisions or justifying unhealthy habits.

Join us on “How to read health news” where we look at some of the recent headlines and dissect them to go Behind the Headlines

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