‘No food is banned’ diet plan

All calories are not equal when you are trying to lose weight: some are more filling than others.

One 330ml can of Coke has 145 calories. 350 gms of carrots gives you the same calories, along with useful vitamins and minerals; plus it keeps you full for longer. According to this Harvard article, how you digest a calorie and retrieve energy from it depends on the source of the calorie.

Traditional approach using calories to track intake do not take this into consideration. Slim.in’s approach of using Food Groups leads to a healthy, filling and balanced diet that is personalised to your height, weight, age and gender!

What are food groups?

Slim.in divides all the foods we eat into 7 food groups

  • Starchy foods like chapati, rice, potatoes, corn flakes, upma, poha
  • Protein-rich foods like dal, beans, eggs, fish, meat
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Dairy (milk, curds/yogurt, paneer, cheese)
  • Nuts and Seeds (almond, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, til)
  • Fats (oil, ghee, mayonnaise)
  • Discretionary kcals to eat high fat and high sugar foods

We then define what a portion would look like. As an example, please see the image at the start of this article.

How is the personalised allowance calculated?

We take the participant’s height, weight, age & gender as input and calculate what a balanced meal would look like for them. This includes all food groups. The final allowance contains a calorie deficit to enable weight loss

The “No Hunger” diet plan

On our diet plan, you will find that your vegetable, fruit, milk, nuts, seeds and, sometimes, protein intake goes up. On the other hand, your carbohydrate intake typically goes down. This ensures that you are never hungry on slim.in since you are eating healthy and filling foods

Please note that NO FOOD IS BANNED on slim.in. All we are concerned with is that you stay within your allowance. What you eat within that allowance is entirely up to you. This ensures that you eat what all other family members are eating. Just less of some things, and more of some others.

Does my allowance change if I exercise?

Yes. When we calculate your allowance, we assume a fairly inactive lifestyle. So if you do any physical activity, you will earn extra calories that you can use to either eat more or to lose more weight.

However, most people tend to overestimate the number of calories they burn when exercising. We give guidance on how many calories are burnt for a wide number of activities.

Do you focus on exercise

Yes! Exercise is one of the best things you can do to be healthy. However, when it comes to weight loss, exercise is unfortunately not very effective. To lose half a kg of fat, one would have to burn 4,500 kcal. That is the equivalent of exercising for about an hour each day at moderate intensity for seven days. And not eating anything extra just because you have exercised! It is much easier to not eat the calories than to try and burn them. For example, you would have to run for more than 2 hours to burn a McSpicy Paneer Meal (1350kcal).

We encourage and incorporate exercise. It just is not with the intention to lose weight.