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How does slim.in work?

Weight loss groups

Groups of 6 - 12 people. All wanting to lose weight. Proven to be very effective for sustainable weight loss

One hour every week

We meet for an hour every week at a venue close to you to discuss various topics related to weight loss.

Personalised diet

Our healthy, balanced diet is based on UK dietary guidelines and is personalised to you. On slim.in, no food is banned

Psychologist facilitated

The challenge in weight loss is implementing what you know and changing habits. Our psychologists help you do just that

Slim.in from the comfort of your home

Featured interventions and short sessions

Weight loss groups

The norm in Western countries

In the West, where obesity has been a problem for much longer, weight loss groups are the norm. In a small country like UK, 19,000 groups meet every week!

Learn about healthy eating

Did you know Kellogg's Special K has the same amount of sugar as Parle G biscuits? Reading nutrition labels is just one of the many skills you can learn at slim.in

Vent your frustrations

Not every week is a success. Vent your frustrations, talk about the reasons, get ideas from the group and formulate a plan for success next week

Seven pillars of weight loss​

Knowing what to do to lose weight is only the first step on your weight loss journey. We work on all aspects like motivation, expectations, attitude, skills, planning, goal setting, emotional eating, stress management, sleep .. and a lot, lot more

Get help from us and the group

The support and idea generation in the group has to be experienced to be believed. Whatever your last week experience, you will always go back rejuvenated and with a plan to make your next week a success

Personalised diet

No food is banned

On slim.in, you can be vegan, vegetarian, jain, meat eater and everything in between

Personalised to you!

Your diet allowance is based on your height, weight, age and gender

Eat real food

No diet pills, shakes or machines. No special food to buy

Discretionary allowance

Each plan includes an allowance for the occasional high sugar, high fat foods

Not based on calories

A can of Coke has the same number of calories as 300 gms of carrots. No prizes for guessing which is more filling. All calories are not equal when trying to lose weight. Our diet plan is based on food groups gives a balanced plan that is healthy and filling

UK dietary guidelines

Slim.in's diet plan is based on guidelines that UK dietitians use. It defines how much of each food group (starchy, protein rich, fruits, vegetables, dairy, fats, nuts, seeds) you can eat. Within the food group, you can eat whatever you like.

Facilitated by Psychologists

Tools to help change behaviour

SMART goals, non-food rewards, Plan for change, advanced trackers for food intake, sleep & mood ...We have a plethora of tools from studies in smoking cessation and substance abuse to help you change unhealthy habits

Proven lifestyle changes

Making changes is hard. Why not choose the ones that are proven to help you lose weight. Based on our extensive reading of the research literature on obesity management, we have identified 14 changes that help you lose weight

Incorporate exercise into your routine

Learn about various aspects of physical fitness, identify personal barriers to change and work on overcoming them with our help

Track your progress

We are all about leading an overall fitter, healthier and happier life. We don't just track weight change, we also track its impact on life using a standardised Quality of Life Questionnaire (RAND SF 36)


“Slim.in has been an amazing learning experience. As I keep telling Navin, he should charge me twice since both my wife and I benefit from lifelong learning this has given me. By learning mindful eating, I have actually started enjoying food even more. The session on nutrition labels was an amazing eye opener. That was all the more surprising given that one of my businesses does nutrition value testing for food products.
Ashish Mehta, co-founder, bank2grow.com
Raheja Sherwood
When I first saw the slim.in insert in the newspaper it intrigued me a lot but honestly had no idea how beneficial it would turn out. I’m really glad that I joined this group and the results are already showing, the best part is that I have been able to lose 3 kgs in approximately 3 months and with very simple but sustainable changes not only in how / what I eat but in my overall lifestyle!!
Jytosna Rajpal, Senior MNC Banker
Raheja Sherwood
The group support within slim.in is really helpful. Watching and planning what to eat can be tiring. Attending slim.in gives me a plan for the next week along with energy to execute it. It helped me stick to my diet at a time when I am really busy with my child's exams. Normally my diet would be the first thing to go out of the window. The information given is spot on. And so is their understanding of what can go wrong and how to prevent/correct it
Surekha Yennemadi, Painter
Raheja Sherwood


Current and upcoming venues

Know of a venue that can hold about 12 people? Please let us know.

Can't find a venue close to you? Or join us online or leave us your details.