About us

Slim.in is a mental health interventions company that helps with anything that troubles you. We use research based interventions that are then delivered by our psychologists via online group video meetings (we use zoom.us to deliver).

Slim.in was set up in UK in September 2014 and launched its web-based weight loss intervention in September 2017. This Linkedin post by Navin Pareek, CEO of slim.in, gives a great idea of the “why” behind slim.in. In a few months, we realised that Indians are not very good at or comfortable with maintaining food diaries. So we shuttered the online intervention to focus on face-to-face programme delivery

In February 2018, we launched our first offline group in Raheja Sherwood (Goregaon, Mumbai). Over the last year or so, we have helped more than 400 people lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. Our model of delivering these sessions to groups in building society clubhouses worked extremely well.

From Feb 2019, we have shifted our focus to online delivery and expanded the interventions to include issues like sleep, stress, body image, self esteem, procrastination, self compassion and many many more.

Details of our Team can be found here. Our press coverage can be found here.

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