Why do people insist that you eat more and how to say No

For many of you, test situations arise every time someone tries to ply you with food. People around you – family members, co-workers, sometimes even strangers – can make it difficult to keep the extra calories at bay, by encouraging you to eat.

Why do some people insist that you eat more

It’s important that you understand why people are asking you to eat:

  • They may feel it is impolite to eat when you are not. Many of us consider it polite to offer food if they are eating within sight of someone who is not. Saying a polite, “No, thanks so much,” should be adequate.
  • It’s possible that they are envious of your success or afraid that you might be judging them when they eat fattening foods. That may lead to them forcing you to imbibe more calories than you should. Sometimes they could be doing this unconsciously. The problem is theirs, not yours, so watch out for your diet. Avoid confronting them in an aggressive or insulting way. Instead, practice consistent but polite refusals.
  • Then there is the other extreme: love. People may think you are starving, imagining themselves in your shoes and assuming that you are underfed. Many of us associate food with love, so encouraging you to eat is one way of showing this feeling. Reassure them that you are not underfed and they can help by not offering food.
  • Many people just want to test your willpower. By offering you food and insisting you eat, they may be just teasing, to see how serious you are about Slim.in. This seems cruel, but sometimes does happen. Be polite and firm when you say no.

If being assertive under pressure is a problem area for you, plan a response in advance when you know you can be in situations where people will offer you and practice it.

Some assertive responses that can help

“I had something to eat just a while back, so I am not quite hungry.”
“I love chocolate fudge, but I just don’t feel like eating right now.”
“I am going to have my dinner in a bit so I don’t want to snack right now.”

Sometimes, diverting the conversation to a non-food topic can help too.

Depending on the situation, you can think of responses that suit you the best. The bottomline? Don’t eat unless it is in your plan.

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