How to identify a “high risk situation” and some alternative ideas

Identifying or spotting a high-risk situation is going to become a very important skill in your battle against extra calories.

The urges you feel should become a signal for corrective action. When are you most likely to find your eating threatened? Is it when you feel lonely, stressed, or frustrated? Is it when you have to deal with one particular person or situation? Is it when you are feeling low about your weight and your life? Is it when someone is offering you food?

Here are some common high-risk situations that you may have experienced:
– Meeting someone at a restaurant for afternoon/evening coffee
– Going for a film with friends
– Feeling low/bad
– Watching your favourite show on TV
– Feeling very happy, exultant
– Celebrating an achievement
– Feeling bored
– Going on a picnic

What’s your list? Try to identify what your high-risk situations are. Once you have identified the high-risk situations, you can come up with a plan to outlast your urges. Here are some common activities that can become alternatives:

  • Watch a thriller, a romantic movie or whatever your favourite type of movie is
  • Go for a walk
  • Call up someone you like to talk to
  • Learn a new hobby
  • Take care of your plants
  • Read a page turner
  • Buy a gift
  • Envision how life will be after you have achieved your weight loss goal

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