Why social support can be so important

The importance of social networks and their impact on health and well-being is well known. Researchers have taken a deep look into the interrelationship between whether people had friends or no, and if this has an impact on their health.

Many a time, what’s stopping you from getting more active or following your plan is not as much of a barrier as you think it is. This is where a social network steps in.

Consider these common problems many people starting on a weight loss challenge share and the solutions a group has provided. Often, the best ideas come from a group of people thinking together!

‘I don’t have time’
Group’s solution: Work physical activity into your daily routine.
150 minutes of physical activity a week is easier than you think, because it doesn’t have to be structured exercise, like running or swimming. Walking to work, to the shops or the kids to school, gardening or taking the stairs – all of these count as physical activity.

‘I’m too tired’
Group’s solution: We’ll make sure you get up early for a week. See for yourself the benefits of exercise on building your stamina.
Exercise will relieve your tiredness and actually make you feel more energetic. With time, an exercise regime will also build your stamina.

‘I don’t have the willpower’
Group’s solution: Workout with us.
Group activities like aerobics are not just exercise, they are fun.

‘I don’t like exercise’
Group’s solution: Try something you do like, for instance walking, swimming or running.

‘It’s hard work’
Group’s solution: Starting slowly and build up gradually. This will increase your confidence levels along with your stamina and strength.

‘The weather is too bad’
Group’s solution: Remember childhood? When getting wet in the rain was so much fun? Learn to be part of the weather and recapture your connection to nature.

‘I’ve missed a session. I’ll never get back on track’
Group’s counsel: Get your facts right: no one sails through never missing an exercise session. Just get your kit on and bear in mind you’re not back starting from scratch.

‘I’ll look stupid’
Group’s counsel: It can be hard to get active in public if you’re out of shape or not used to exercise. But you can overcome this. Start off exercising at home or plan to run when there is no-one around. Your confidence will soon grow.

Slim.in runs weight loss groups which meet for one hour every week. These groups are facilitated by Psychologists. If you are interested, please have a look at our current/upcoming venues or register your details with us if you cannot find a venue close to you.

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