What to do when your weight loss journey becomes a game of Snakes and Ladders?

You wake up with your resolve intact, you go through limited-calorie breakfast and lunch. You do all the right things: you have water when feeling a craving coming on; you even take a small walk around the block to add to the 30 minutes walk you took in the morning.

Then, without warning, someone offers you a pack of crunchy, batter-fried peanuts and without thinking, you finish an entire packet — all 400 grams of it.

This situation can happen with anyone, at any time. ‘Ladders’ like eating tomatoes can be severely undercut by ‘snakes’ such as eating a blueberry muffin straight from the oven.

When such a thing happens with you, the important thing to remember is that a ‘ladder’ is always there, waiting for you to climb it.

4 ways to get over a setback

Be aware that it is just a setback

It is always possible to climb out of it

Acknowledge what just happened and document it

When you read your week’s journal, a pattern may just emerge. In the example above, you may discover that you have an uncontrollable liking for crunchy, batter-fried peanuts. If you know that, you can have a strategy in place to take your tastes (and Slim.in allowance) into account when making your meal plan for the week.

Plan your next move

Decide what you will do and then take an action. Remember, doing nothing is not an option. Moreover, doing nothing will erode your motivation to continue in your weight loss journey.

  • Meticulously work out your meal plan for the next day
  • Add a low/no-calorie snack in a time you may be starting to get hungry again
  • Add a half hour brisk walk to your evening plans to deduct the extra calories just eaten

Remember that self-control is like a muscle

If you have been resisting temptations the whole day, by evening you may see your willpower wane. You are more likely to give in to your urges. Deal with these by

  • Removing the trigger (eg don’t buy the biscuits)

  • Replacing the trigger or providing an alternative (e.g. choosing a route home that avoids the vada pav wala or making sure the kitchen is well stocked with healthy foods)

  • Having a Routine or plan in place and being organised (e.g. planning out the week’s meals and snacks)

  • Strengthen self control by practicing it over a long time. It is not dissimilar to building muscle by exercising it regularly

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