Thinking your way to success

You know that attitude is the key to success of any kind. Weight loss is no different. How you think about yourself, your moods, the way you interact with others and manage your life – all this comes from your attitude towards weight loss.

Some common attitude traps that you must be careful to avoid:

“I can’t do this. I was meant to be overweight/fat.”
By focusing on your potential failure, you deprive yourself of a chance to lead a healthier, more fulfilling life. List down the real reasons you want to embark on this journey to work on your motivation.
Some great mission statements are:
By losing weight I will gain in energy and stamina and can pursue my favourite hobby.”
I would like to lose weight so that I have the energy to play with my grandchildren.
Weight loss will control my diabetes and my arthritis problems.”

I can do this. I will lose 10 kilos in one month!
Setting an unrealistic goal can be just as harmful as “Can’t do” thinking. It propels you towards adopting unsustainable methods, and ultimately harms your body and mind. Setting a weight loss goal of just 5% of your current weight is an excellent way to flag off your weight loss journey.

“I just lost 5 kilos. I am absolutely failing at this.
Being a perfectionist may be alright if you are designing something – say a building – but when it comes to your body, be a little easy on yourself. If you set out to lose 10 kilos and have lost only 5, it still means you have succeeded, and probably just need to keep going.

Be a friend to yourself and help yourself stay on the journey.

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