Things a family can do

There are many small and big things a family can do to give a person trying to lose weight the support they need. It starts with a healthy level of communication. The list below should help. Both you as someone trying to lose weight, as well as the family, are responsible for making these happen.

  • Maintain a positive, hopeful outlook. This very common piece of advice that is packed with power. It is not easy to remain hopeful and keep your belief in someone who is trying Slim.in for months at a time. The support that a person gets from his or her immediate family can make or break attitudes. In one study, those husbands who participated in their wives’ weight-loss program had higher weight loss, which was maintained through a six-week post-treatment assessment. They also became more accurate observers of changes in their wives’ eating habits and were viewed as being more helpful than non-involved husbands.

  • Converse with others in the same position as you. It helps to talk about weight issues among family members who all have the same problem, whether or not they are on Slim.in. Many good ideas can come from the family. It’s also reciprocal – if you are trying on a new habit – sharing it can help a family member change her or his habits for the better too. In a study, women were trained in following a low-fat diet as part of a research project. It was found that their husbands, like their wives, consumed fewer fat calories than their counterparts who did not have a spouse in the intervention program

  • Keep the situation at home and within the family relaxed. This will really help the family member who is trying to lose weight to concentrate on what’s to be done, which is changing eating and activity-related habits.

  • Learn to allow for lapses. There will be mistakes made, such as bouts of overeating and weight gain. Anyone on Slim.in will feel a certain amount of shame and guilt when such things occur, so it’s best for the family to not blame and continue to encourage.

  • Ask the person losing weight how you can help. The best way to learn how to help is to ask. As a family member, you can sometimes be surprised by the answers you get when you ask.

  • Develop a new set of hobbies and interests with a family member who is trying to lose weight. Learning a new sport, for instance, is good for everyone in the family, not just the person on Slim.in. Regular shopping for fresh vegetables, similarly, can be a family activity that benefits everyone in the home.

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