Something for your partner/spouse to read

Most partners who are genuinely interested in helping only need suggestions on how to go about doing it. This section is for your weight loss partner to read.

Be a role model

Partners can be great role models to follow, whether it is in activities or in eating habits. Whether it is something small like chewing slowly while eating, or something seemingly large, like taking a gym membership, partners can show visible signs that they are trying to help.

Be a cheerleader

Praise – when it’s needed – and some encouraging words can make a real difference in maintaining motivation levels, especially for people who are dieting or exercising after long gaps. As a partner, don’t wait for the weight loss goal to be accomplished: even small achievements need supportive comments.

Be present for weighing sessions

Not everyone would like their partners to know their weight. But if you are comfortable with this knowledge, being there when your weight herself or himself can help. This gives you an idea of how your partner is doing. Of course, it’s important for both you and your partner to remember that weight loss will not occur every week.

Be rewarded in return

It’s very important for the relationship with the partner to remain reciprocal. You should be able to tell partner in specific terms what she or he should do for you. A good way of making a request is, “I would like you watch the new Arnold S movie next week even though I know you are not a big fan,” or, “I would like you to make a little extra when you are packing that healthy snack so that I can have it too.”

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