Setting up your home for success

There are several small but proven steps you can take to set up your home/living quarters for success. We have listed the tried and tested ones below. Be sure to add to the list from your own experience and inventive powers!

  1. Avoid buying high-calorie options for your fridge, or your larder. The classic reasons, “We might need them when people drop by;” or “I may need something quick for days when I don’t feel like cooking,” are your signs. Tell yourself that guests would appreciate healthy options as much as you do, and that with planning and a bit of will, you won’t be stuck with no options to eat on most days.

  2. Keep high-calorie foods (especially ready-to-eat snacks) hidden well out of sight, such as in an opaque container on the top shelf of your cupboard. If the ice cream is under the frozen peas and the frozen yoghurt is right on top, guess which one you are most likely to eat first? Putting some actual distance between you and the food you shouldn’t be eating, helps.

  3. Keep healthy snacks always available. Cut up vegetables as soon as you bring them home and store in the fridge as ready-to-eat snacking options – for you, and also for people who drop by. Over time, this will become automatic behaviour, saving you both time and the extra weight that you gain over time.

  4. Keep something to snack on in your office bag/handbag/rucksack. Many of us eat very unhealthy foods only because we are so hungry! Keeping an apple, a pear, some roasted Bengal gram, or something like this will save you a lot of extra calories.

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