Regaining control after a lapse

A lot of our thinking when on a weight loss journey is about whether or not we will lapse when on the programme. In this section, you will learn how to shift the focus away from whether or not you will have a lapse, to how you will control your reactions after a lapse.

##Arun and Rahul’s story
Arun and Rahul, colleagues at a multinational company, both set up their weight loss goals together. A month into the programme, both friends were invited to an office party, where the alcohol flowed and heavy snacks were within reach. Both Arun and Rahul drank more than their recommended alcohol intake. They then had all the snacks they could and followed it up with a biryani dinner. By the end of the evening, both had overshot their calorie intake by 2000 calories.

But the reaction of these two friends was completely different. Arun felt so terrible about his lapse that he continued for the next 7 days on the binge. Rahul, on the other hand, added fifteen extra minutes to his daily walk to help burn off the extra calories. He also jumped strength back onto his diet by the next morning.

##Six ways to take charge of your control

  1. Take a deep breath and listen: When you have experienced a lapse, it is a sign that something is not going right,. Stop whatever it is that you are doing, and take a closer look at the situation. What is going on? Why is there a lapse? Try taking yourself away from the lapse situation to a place where you will not be tempted with the lapse and where you can think this through.

  2. Remain calm: If you immediately start blaming yourself and getting anxious, you will not be helping yourself at all. You may jump to the conclusion that Slim.in is beyond your capabilities and give up altogether. Instead, try and observe what’s going on as an external observer – one lapse is not proof that the Slim.in has failed for you.

  3. Revisit your weight loss goals: Remind yourself how far you have come, how disappointed you will be if one lapse makes you drop off from Silm.in. This is a time to keep your focus on the goal and not be discouraged by a single event.

  4. Get to the bottom of the lapse situation: Use the situation to learn more about what places you at risk. Are they certain feelings? Is it seeing certain kinds of foods around you? Did you take any steps to prevent a lapse? Did it work? Why, or why not? What thoughts did you have?

  5. Take charge NOW: Jump into corrective action as soon as you can. Leave the place you are at, give away the cake you are eating: do whatever works for you. This is the time for decisive action. It is usually easier to take charge of a lapse if you walk away from the situation.

  6. Ask for help: Give a shout to your partner, friends, or co-workers to help you out of a lapse situation.

Remember, your job is to take control over your eating exercise and weight. These tips will help, so note them down in a place where you can see them everyday: on your office board, on your fridge door, even as a screensaver on your computer!

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