Rating your hunger on a 10-point scale

The next time you feel like you may like to eat something, rate your hunger using the table below.

Header Header
10 So stuffed that I am feeling unwell
9 Stuffed, feeling uncomfortable
8 Beginning to feel uncomfortable
7 Feeling a little over full
6 Satisfied and feeling pleasantly full
5 Satisfied, feeling neither hunger nor full
4 Starting to feel hungry
3 Hungry, my stomach is growling
2 Very hungry and feeling low on energy
1 Starving with hunger, feeling dizzy and weak.

This is what the numbers mean:
When to eat: It is* best to eat* when your hunger is at a 3 or a 4. If you wait until you are hungry, you may end up overeating, plus you may choose unhealthy foods. Carry healthy snacks to avoid being in a 1 or 2 zone of hunger.

When to stop eating: Stop eating when you reach__ 5__ or 6. If you eat your meals slowly and concentrate fully on these meal (by turning off the TV, for instance) you will focus more on the taste, smell and texture of what you are eating. That way, you will be more aware of when you are starting to feel full.

When not to eat: If you want to eat but your hunger is at 6 or more, you are having a craving. Slim.in has many proven ways to deal with cravings. Try them.

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