Learn to uncouple Stress and Eating

All of you have heard about the effect of stress on eating habits. In simple terms, stress is the interplay between body, mind and environment. Each of you responds to situations in your environment in a unique way. For some of you, it makes you eat more, for others, less.
Many of you will remember a specific stressful event that led to weight gain. Others will say that stress makes them feel like eating all the time, even when they are not hungry. Stress can also make it difficult to maintain weight lost and put you at risk of a straying from your Slim.in plan
To see whether stress affects your eating, answer the questions below:
  • When you are under pressure to accomplish something, do you feel pulled towards food or away from it?
  • If you were to be working on a project that needs to be completed quickly, would you want to be eating something?
  • When under stress, do you feel like eating to feel better?
If your answer to any of these questions is “yes”, you may be experiencing a link between stress and eating. Here’s how to de-link stress from eating:
  • Use an activity other than eating when under stress. A range of healthy options are available – choose anything you like doing.
  • Reduce your stress by learning common stress management techniques such as relaxation skills.
  • Learn how to appraise a situation before you respond. Use the appraisal to manage your response. Imagine a situation where you have received a negative appraisal from your boss. Some of you may take this as a blow to your self-esteem and feel low. Others may blame the boss and get angry. You can actually learn to appraise a situation in a way that is factual and rational, and think of ways to improve your career and work performance.
Stress is related not just to weight gain but to many common health problems ranging from the colds to serious ailments like heart disease. Learning how to manage your response to stress will have positive impacts not just on your weight-loss goals, but other health problems that make weight loss difficult as well.

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