Is a partner going to help?

Many of us work best alone. Others like the aid and support they may get from friends and family.

If you are someone who prefers to be left to herself/himself, you probably would like to travel the weight loss path on your own. It’s possible you will not readily share about your participation on Slim.in, and don’t like answering questions about your weight or what you are eating.

If you are someone who prefers company, you will probably talk with others about Slim.in and will be pleased when your progress gets noticed. If you change more easily with some company, you may like to join Slim.in with a friend or get someone in the family/near at hand to exercise and diet with you. A helpful spouse or a partner can increase the success rate of the programme. A supportive spouse, for instance, can lead to positive results in the weight loss journey.

However, both ways are absolutely fine. Decide what type fits you best and structure your participation on Slim.in accordingly.

Whether you like to go on Slim.in alone or with someone else, partnerships can be very influential. But how do you know if a partner will help you?

Having a partnership may or may not benefit you – take a decision based on what you rationally think works best for you. The quiz below may help.

The support partner quiz

Have a partner in mind? See whether the person will be of help or hamper your progress:

  1. It is easy to talk to my partner about my weight.
    True: 5 False: 1
  2. My partner has always been thin and does not understand my weight problems.
    True: 1 False: 3
  3. My partner offers me food with extra calories when she or he knows that I’m trying to lose weight.
    True: 1 False: 5
  4. My partner never says critical things about my weight.
    True: 3 False: 1
  5. My partner is always there when I need a friend.
    True: 3 False: 1
  6. When I lose weight and look better, my partner may not take it positive/may get jealous.
    True: 1 False: 3
  7. My partner will be genuinely interested in helping me with my weight.
    True: 6 False: 1
  8. I could talk to my partner even if I am not doing so well.
    True: 5 False: 1

You may have found the perfect weight loss partner. You are comfortable with one another and can work together.

You may have a potentially good partner, but there are a few areas of concern. Try asking your partner to take the quiz and predict how you answered the questions to help you reach a decision.

There are potential areas of conflict and the partnership may encounter bad patches. Think of another partner.

It’s definitely a good idea to look for someone else.

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