How to plan for change

Change is difficult. Without planning, it is downright impossible. Here are a set of questions that will help you structure your change planning process

Q1. My SMART goal is:

Q2. Working towards this goal is important for me because:

Q3. The plans I need to put in place to help me achieve my goal are:
Think of the when, where & how and cues that will help you

Q4. Things that stand in my way of me achieving my goal are:

Q5. Solutions I could use to overcome my barriers are:

Q6. I could get further support from:
This could be from your friends, family, colleagues or others on slim.in

Q7. My way of compensating for the goal on days/times that I can’t stick to it are:
Try to make the compensation a positive thing rather than a punishment

Q8. I will review my goal on:

Q9. The non-food reward for achieving my goal is

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