How to get the support you need to help with your weight loss

Having support from people around you is very important for success. Getting distracted or demotivated can cost you your time, effort, and also motivation.

Think about what such support means for you. For instance, does it mean getting help from friends, family, and colleagues in creating a healthy food environment at home and work? Does it mean getting support from your family and/or partner in adopting the same healthy lifestyle as you? Maybe it just means getting enough motivation to stay on track?

How to get the support you need

Make a list of all the people in your life – friends, family members, colleagues, even neighbors – who can support you. Then ask yourself the following questions

How can they give this support?

“By not calling me for dinner treats at places that have no options for someone watching their calories.”

How can you ask for support?

“Explain to her in full the reasons why I need help to succeed with my weight loss goals and that losing weight and being healthy is really important to me.”

What might undermine this support?

“She may decide that I am being obsessive about my weight and try to talk me into giving up Slim.in.”

How can you overcome these challenges?

“Explain what Slim.in is to her and share that while I understand the skepticism, it would make me happy to get the support I need and avoid dinners that are over my slim.in allowance.”

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