Eating at parties, holidays and other events

Most of you – even those who are normally cautious about their foods, tend to eat more at parties, holidays and other special events. These events are a problem because you are encouraged and even pressured to eat. The reasons may be emotional (something has been prepared just for you) or situational (there are so many snacks on offer). For most of us, it’s also natural to ‘let go’ or ‘relax’ when we are celebrating, even if the celebration is a small and cosy evening out.

Since eating nothing at all is normally not an option, the trick is to plan ahead.

5 ways of planning ahead

  1. Take a moment to think about what’s likely to happen. Will there be foods that will fit in with your daily allowance goal? Will there be foods on offer that you really like or love? Thinking ahead will help you be mentally prepared for the event.

  2. Eat something healthy beforehand. A salad, carrot sticks, cucumber slices, a glass of milk/lassi, fruits – anything that fills you up without using up your allowance works.

  3. Eat very slowly. That way, you will not only enjoy the food more and feel more satied, but also feel fuller with lesser calories.

  4. Avoid alcohol by trying a healthy beverage swap, such as water at a temperature of your choice (cold or room temperature) with a slice of lemon or lemonade without added sugar.

  5. Use your discretionary kcal allowance if you wish

Please note: If, on occasion, you do end up eating more than your Slim allowance, remember to bounce back the next morning – occasional lapses don’t need to end your weight loss journey – or your resolve to be at a better weight.

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