Developing a positive attitude

Your thoughts and feeling are key drivers for both how you eat as well as how active you are. So your attitude is central to your success on Slim.in

Once you realise that attitude is key, you can actually start helping yourself by spotting your helpful as well as unhelpful thoughts.

The right attitude is not just about having a generic “positive attitude”. It is about looking at your progress in a grounded way, having realistic expectations, recovering from your slip-ups. Most importantly, the right attitude is about thinking in constructive terms about your body, weight and your eating.

Teaching yourself to have a positive attitude can be as difficult at first as learning a new subject. But once taught, its benefits can be far-reaching.

Knowingly or not, all of us talk to ourselves. What you say to yourself can shape how your view your lifestyle and can either be a big help or be your biggest hindrance.

When it comes to achieving your weight loss goals, you may come across some common traps in thinking. If you are prepared for these traps with counter thoughts and attitudes, your work will become easier.

Common attitude traps and how to get out of the trap

Trap: “Slim.in is the only reason I am losing weight. Once it’s over, I am not sure I will be able to remain at this new weight.”

Get out of the trap: “I am losing weight because I am doing certain things right and learning new habits. My habits will remain my constant companions. Slim.in helps, but the real credit goes to me.”

Trap: “Is all my hard work even worth the trouble? I have been on Slim.in for weeks but there is still so much more weight to lose. I can’t wait for the day this ends so that I can get back to my normal lifestyle.”

Get out of the trap: “This is not easy. It took me a long time to put on weight, so it will take a long time to lose it. If I stick with it, I will gain so much else – starting with my belief that I can create positive change in my own life!”

Trap: “I know everything there is to know – or atleast the most important things – in weight loss. All this didn’t help me before and it will not help me now.”

Get out of the trap: “I have never been taught on the topic of weight loss in such a concentrated way. My motivation to learn is also very different now. I know deep down that this will help me reach my weight loss goals. So putting down Slim.in will not help me at all. I need to keep at it.”

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