Communicating with your partner/spouse

Your partner/spouse will be someone who will be very involved in your participation on Slim.in. Before you start, it is very important to discuss the topics listed below in an open and transparent manner.

  • Are both of you all set for a partnership around your weight loss goals? Is your partner ready to lend an ear when you ask for help and make the effort needed to respond? Is she or he ready to help you, whether things are going well or not? Are you ready to do the same for your partner? Discuss your degrees of commitment at this stage. The partnership will need to accommodate changes in eating, socialising, and many other regular habits and practices!

  • Let your partner know how you would like to be helped. Don’t expect your partner to read your mind, so spell out what your partner can do to help in clear terms. Do you want to be encouraged when you do well, or reprimanded when you do poorly? Should your partner be exercising with you? Can she or he help by not having chocolate ice-cream when you are around?

  • Make requests that are specific so that your partner finds is easier to do what’s needed. Instead of saying, “Don’t eat in front of me,” say “It helps me if you eat your ice cream in the other room.”

  • Be nice. It’s better to ask for something positive rather than criticise something negative. If your partner reminds you too many times about something, you can say, “It really helps me when you praise me,” rather than say, “I don’t like your nagging.”

  • Appreciate your partner: Remember that it’s not a one-way relationship. Make sure you ask what you can do in return to help your partner. Acknowledging the value of the partnership is very important.

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