A positive body image

The way you think and feel about your body, or your body image, is something integral to the way most of you feel about yourself. From every possible channel, the message around body image is, “Thin is in.”

In many cultures and subcultures, being thin is valued to a degree that is unrealistic and even unhealthy. The other side of this coin is that if you are not thin, social norms make you feel completely negative about who you are. If you internalize these social norms, you will start to value or devalue yourself based on how you look, rather than who you are.

How you look is a result of a complex set of factors including the culture and background you come from, your genetic makeup, as well as what you eat and how active you are. Being dissatisfied with your body makes you overlook your qualities and focus instead on unrealistically narrow dimensions.

By basing your self-esteem on your looks alone, you can be neglecting how good you are at other things.

Sociologists say that our understanding of what is perfect itself is culturally defined. The media and other cultural influencers constantly hold up certain kinds of bodies and faces as ‘beautiful’, making other kinds, by omission, ‘unbeautiful’.

This is why you need to consciously stay away from judging yourself by your looks alone and focus instead on the positive outcomes Slim.in and you can achieve, together.

Four ways to be happier with the way you look

  1. Look at yourself in full-length mirrors instead of avoiding them. This is the first step towards making your body your friend.
  2. Challenge social norms of ‘beauty’. You are much more capable and powerful than just your appearance.
  3. Confront what’s real and possible. Given your cultural background and genes, what’s an ideal weight for you? See to that you don’t set unrealistic weight loss goals that will further erode self-esteem since they have a high likelihood of not being achieved.
  4. Know that your body is a gift. Your body helps you do many wonderful things, such as live a full life, work, play, and be happy. Knowing this is at the core of developing a positive body image.

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