Some ideas for choosing non-food rewards

Mini goals are an effective way of breaking up your overall goal into small chunks that make sure the larger goal is not overwhelming.

  • Buy a new music album
  • Drop a coin for every half kilo you lose into a clear jar – this can be a very visual reminder of how far you have come
  • Watch a film
  • Get new exercise gear
  • Treat yourself to a beauty treatment or a day at the spa
  • Get that new book/magazine/DVD you have been meaning to check out
  • A pair of new running shoes
  • Buy new hair accessories
  • Buy a new swimsuit or clothes
  • Get yourself a massage
  • Take a friend for night out dancing
  • Download a healthy recipe book
  • Take a day off from work
  • Join a healthy cooking class
  • Buy/borrow a camera and take a nature walk with the family or friends.
  • Plan a day out at a theme park
  • Buy tickets to a concert
  • Take a city weekend break

Over time, these non-food rewards will help break your habit of using food as a reward.

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