“I did not lose weight this week and I feel terrible”

The number you see on your bathroom scale can be a motivating factor for some of you. But if the scale shows no weight loss in a particular week, a lot of you will begin to feel disappointed.

Since the bathroom scale is so central to marking where you are and how far you have come, Slim.in recommends you use it judiciously. Weighing yourself more than once a week (many people on weight loss weigh themselves several times a day) can give too much power to the scale. Your judgement must prevail over the numbers the scale is showing. Fluid shifts alone, for example, can lead to weight losses and gains. Moreover, our bodies are complex and short-term changes are not indicators of long-term trends. Even if you are eating well and getting the right amount of exercise, results may not be immediately apparent.

A major problem with paying too much attention to the scale is that it can lead to undeserved euphoria or disappointment. You may end up concluding that you can lose weight even if you stray from your Slim.in plan. Similarly, you can be doing really well on your eating plan and show no weight loss anyway. If you judge your progress by your scale alone, you’ll think all your efforts are fruitless.

The scale can be your general guide, but should not be treated as a day-to-day index of whether or not Slim.in works for you. Applying all the lifestyle changes we recommend will lead to weight loss, and also make you less vulnerable to what the scale shows.

A better and more holistic guide is to see how your quality of life is at any given point. How is your mood, your eating habits, and your body image? Your satisfaction will, in all probability, be increased in at least one area, if not more than one. You can use the Quality of Life questionnaire to track.

A final word on your goal: What is the realistic goal you set for yourself? Refer back to it. Remember, Slim.in recommends choosing a weight loss goal that is 10% of your current weight.

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