Food and Weight Fantasies

Most of you starting out will have a fantasy of a sleek body with huge weight losses. Similar fantasies may exist about food too: when you are looking forward to an ‘end’ of your dieting, a period when you can eat anything you want again.

Both these scenarios are warning signs that your expectations are removed from what’s real and possible. Unrealistic expectations can derail your weight loss goals.

Dealing with food fantasies

When it comes to eating, try and remember that it’s all about changing your eating pattern, and not ‘going on a diet’. While the former is about responsible eating where your favourite food can be enjoyed from time to time, in small quantities and within the calorific limits that will keep within your goal, ‘going on a diet’ implies that this is a short period of controlled eating that has a start and an end date, a period of deprivation.

How does slim.in deal with this

On slim.in, we work on making small, meaningful and achievable changes every week. Moreover, our diet plan does not ban any food. This way, we retrain our appetite for sustainable changes.

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