Measuring and tracking Quality of Life

People on weight loss journeys often experience significant shifts in their overall quality of life. Your mood, your energy levels, and your health are all likely to improve within as little as 2-4 months into your journey.

A comparison from where you were before will help you remember how much improvement there is and appreciate the remarkable changes you have brought in.

To do this, use the quality of life questionnaire before you start on Slim.in and review it periodically.

Assess your quality of life by filling in this quality of life questionnaire

Now do something about it!

Given where you are now, this is the best time to have a plan to get better. Fill in this worksheet next:

My areas of improvement How will I bring about these improvements By when will I improve
____ ____ ____
____ ____ ____

The best way to fill this in would be to select just a few areas of improvement at a time. For instance, if you are very dissatisfied with your self-esteem, you may like to schedule a regular chat with someone you enjoy mutual love and trust with, to talk you through your feelings.

If you are extremely dissatisfied with your health, you may plan for a doctor’s appointment, or decide to cut out one extremely unhealthy food from your daily diet.

Remember, as with any behaviour, your plan to bring in change needs to be practiced regularly for it to become a habit and translate into real improvement!

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