Physical Activity

Even though physical activity by itself is not a key reason for weight loss, there is strong co-relation between physical activity and maintaining weight loss. Moreover, even small amounts of physical activity has significant impact on your well being. These articles should help you incorporate this in your day to day life

Obesity Explained

Comprehensive look at causes and impact of obesity. Also covers weight loss (bariatric) surgery.

Healthy Eating

Living healthy is not all about weight loss. Healthy eating is as important, if not more. The sections below detail guidelines that will help you lead a healthy life.

Weight Loss Benefits

Losing weight can help you reduce the probability of many serious diseases. This section explains some of the problems people might face because of an above-ideal weight.

Behind The Headlines

Newspapers and websites are awash with contradictory messages. Make this section your first port of call when you are confused


Take your weight loss to the next level with these challenges. Each comes with its set of resources to help you succeed

Inspiring stories

Some success stories to inspire you. Also browse the success wall for more