What are slims

When you are trying to lose weight, not all calories are equal: some are more filling than others. For example, one 330ml can of Coke has 145 calories. 350 gms of carrots gives you the same calories, along with useful vitamins and minerals; plus it keeps you full for longer. According to this Harvard article, how you digest a calorie and retrieve energy from it depends on the source of the calorie

Slims is an easy-to-use number based on nutritional components of food: protein, fat, fibre, carbohydrates, sugars, alcohol and water.

Your body works harder to digest some foods than others even if they are the same calories. Research around energy density (calories per gram) shows that even water makes a difference to how full you feel at the end of the meal. Given that water is ZERO calories, this is helpful when trying to lose weight.

Traditional approach using calories do not take this in to consideration. Slim values do, and nudge you towards more filling foods. The fact that filling foods are also healthy is a nice bonus!

Depending on your height, weight, gender and age, Slim.in will calculate your daily and weekly Slims. Every food and drink has a Slim value associated with it. Fruits (not juices), vegetables (except potatoes) and low-fat yoghurt (curd) or milk products (except when made into paneer or when boiled for a long time, like in kheer) are ZERO Slims. Everything else can be tracked on our easy-to-use food and activity tracker. All you have to do is eat within your total Slim allowance. (Btw, exceeding it sometimes is okay! Make sure that does not become a reason to quit)

No food is banned, although some will “cost” you more slims than others. If you stick to your allowance, you should expect a weight loss of 0.5kg to 1kg per week. This is the recommended rate for healthy weight loss.

You can also 'earn' slims with physical activity. We assume that you have a sedentary lifestyle when we calculate your allowance. (A sedentary lifestyle includes simple chores like walking to the bus stop/grocery store, etc.) Anything extra, like long walks, running, gym activities, yoga, house work, can be tracked. The earned Slims can be either “eaten” or used to lose extra weight that week. Earned slims are not carried forward to the next week.