What are meetings?

Slim.in meetings are where a group of people who want to lose weight come together. These are held every week and are led by an expert facilitator trained in helping people change behaviour. Everyone is weighed privately every week. This is followed by a ~1 hour session covering various topics related to weight loss.

There is no start or end date to the sessions, and you can choose to join at any time.

Why meetings? Because they work!

Simply put, group based weight loss programmes work. Research has proven it.
Groups have the ability to inspire, motivate and pick us up when we slip. They help us brainstorm ideas, identify our barriers to change and help us figure out hacks that tip the balance from inaction to success.

In the West where obesity has been a problem for much longer, they are a well established way of losing weight. In fact in UK alone, close to 19,000 weight loss meetings run every week. Each are attended by anywhere between 20 - 35 people.

Behaviour change is critical to sustained weight loss

Knowing what to do is the easy part. Implementing that information in our daily lives is the hard bit. In the hands of our expert facilitator, group sessions become a potent way of challenging inaction and getting results. Each session has been designed meticulously with the latest research on what works. Everything is research-based; nothing unnecessary or frivolous is included.

Commitment to change

Committing to meetings keeps the weight loss efforts top-of-mind. The weigh-in happens every week at the start of each session and keeps us honest and on the ball. Thinking about our health becomes as important as the project in office, or exams, or children's homework.

The result?

Gradually, little changes start making a difference. Habits change. Lifestyle improves. You find yourself fitter, healthier, happier. It is not an easy journey. But if you are willing to commit to it, we promise we will pull all stops to make it happen!

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