Track your meals and activities

Tracking, or keeping records, is an important part of changing your lifestyle. People who watch their progress when developing healthy habits have a far greater chance at succeeding in their weight loss plan. This is because detailed monitoring helps you know your own behaviour.

  • A food diary will help you gain awareness about Slims, how much you are eating, and how to bank your calories.
  • An activity diary will help you accurately measure how much activity you do. Remember, we are known to consistently overestimate the amount of activity we do.

Tracking helps to get information about what you are doing wrong (or right).

Activity diary

Make sure you track all three

  • A planned activity, like attending yoga class
  • An incidental activity, like walking to the local market
  • Sedentary activities, like working at your desk

The extra benefit of tracking activity is that it might give you additional Slims. You can either “consume” them or use them to increase your weight loss.

Food diary

This helps to keep track not just of what you eat, but how, why and where you eat too (if you enable advanced tracking. We will enable this feature soon). The aim is to discover when unhealthy eating happens and what might be the triggers.

  • Remember to be thorough. It’s easy to recall what you had for your main meals, but most people often forget the small eats: a bite taken out of someone else’s cake; a handful of chips, or an extra cup of tea. All these add up.

  • Your food diary should include everything that goes to your stomach. That includes condiments and dips too – such as ketchup and butter.

  • Note down exactly how much of each food you have eaten. For example, 1 cup equals 240 ml. 1 tablespoon equals 15 ml. 1 teaspoon equals 5 ml.

  • Track on the food diary as soon after you eat as possible. That way data can be captured in real time. It also helps you plan your remaining day around how many Slims you have left in your allowance.

  • Be honest. Not writing or underestimating food will not help you lose weight.