Numerous health professionals have contributed to the development of slim.in. The following are a part of our team today and have made significant contributions to bring slim.in to fruition.

Navin Pareek


Navin is CEO of Slim.in and has an ambitious vision of reversing the obesity crisis in India. He was previously Director of Technology and Finance at MEND, a pioneer in child weight management interventions in UK. Navin has a background in operations and strategy, and has worked with several global companies like CNBC, BT and MCI.

He holds an Engineering degree from Mumbai University and a MBA from London Business School.


Head of Intervention Delivery

Soujanya is responsible for delivering slim.in, training the new psychologists and ensuring success of all participants. She has 13+ years of clinical experience in the US in emotional eating, addictions and anxiety. She worked closely with Bariatric surgery hospitals for patient clearance after thorough medical and psychological investigation. She has run a number of support groups for individuals with medical conditions and for high performing executives to manage stress and burnout.

Qualified with double Masters (Psychology and Medical & Psychiatric Social Work),she is on Editorial Boards of TPC (USA) and JIAAP(India).She is also a grant reviewer with NBCC (USA).

Soumya Singh

Psychologist and Advisor

Soumya has been instrumental in the design of the slim.in intervention and ensuring that everything we do is based on comprehensive literature reviews and backed by solid research. The resultant manual is used by all delivery teams at slim.in to ensure the same high standards are maintained across all locations and teams.

Saumya has a Masters in Clinical Psychology from NIMHANS, Bengaluru and a Masters in Health Sciences from Johns Hopkins, USA.

Dr. Priyanki Pareek

Psychiatrist & Advisor to slim.in

Dr. Priyanki is a Psychiatrist in the US and specialises in obesity, sleep and geriatric psychiatry. She is an advisor to slim.in and has helped design the slim.in intervention along with Saumya. She has ensured that slim.in incorporates the latest thinking around weight loss not only around what to say, but how to say it.

She is a MBBS from Grant Medical College (JJ Hospital), Mumbai and a Masters in Psychiatry from New York Medical College.

Lakshmi Mandala

Nutritionist and Advisor

Lakshmi is a consultant nutritionist to slim.in and is helping collate answers to commonly asked nutrition related questions.

We are working towards making these available to everyone via Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant interfaces.