Switch to whole grain

If you are new to wholegrains, use any of these ideas to slowly switch to this better choice:

  • Buy wholemeal, wheatgerm, seeds, mixed grains, soya or linseed breads; wholemeal pita; rye bread; and unpolished rice
  • For breakfast, keep whole rolled porridge oats and oatmeal; wholewheat cereals; or wholegrain muesli
  • For your rotis, choose wholemeal flour, wheat germ, buckwheat flour, unrefined rye and barley flour, oatmeal and oat flour
  • For your main meals, buy brown rice, wholewheat pasta and spaghetti, whole barley, quinoa and pearl barley

Remember to make these changes over a period of time, not all at once, to give your body time to adjust to wholegrains. This will avoid problems such as bloating or wind as your digestive system deals with the extra fibre. Also remember to drink enough water.

Start with any of these 2 changes:

  • Change your breakfast cereal to wholegrain, instead of using instant cereal such as instant oats
  • Start to use wholemeal flour for your rotis
  • Change to brown rice
  • Replace refined flour (maida) with wholegrain flour in your larder