Solving inevitable problems while trying to lose weight

Slim.in tries to anticipate the typical problems dieters face that lead to non-adherence and gives simple ideas to overcome them. Trust us: you are not the only ones facing challenges in losing weight!

6 pillars to weight loss

Motivation and expectation

It is important to know your motivation levels and expectations from Slim.in. For example, if you are doing it because someone said you should, chances are you may not succeed. Worse, it reduces the chance you will try to lose weight again. Losing weight is difficult, changing habits are hard. Make sure you start when you feel sufficiently motivated to make the changes required in your lifestyle.

Another reason people quit mid-way is an expectation mismatch. Many people are happy with their efforts only if they lose more than 25% of their weight. But the medical benefits of weight loss (including blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.) start accruing even at a 5% weight loss. Moreover, the body has a way of reducing the rate of weight loss once it reaches 10%-15% of the initial body weight. If your expectations were high to begin with, you could interpret your success as a failure and, worse, go back to your old ways.


How do you react to an occasional lapse? Do you put it behind you and move on (good for you!) or beat yourself up? Do you give yourself credit for your successes? Do you think weight loss will fix all your life problems? As with other things in life, your attitude plays a big role in your weight loss journey.

Thoughts and Feelings

We do not only eat when we are hungry. Our emotions play an important role in our eating. Learn how to recognise and manage the urges and cravings to lose weight for good.

Learning some key skills

Some skills are key to losing weight successfully. Learn how to read labels, manage stress, examine eating patterns, benefits of assertiveness and the like.

Relationships and support

“Does having a weight loss partner help?” “How does one choose the right partner?” “How can my family help and how do I communicate with them?” This section will share more about all this.

Managing your surroundings

If a certain food is around you, it will be in your tummy fairly soon. This section will tell you how to manage home, office, shopping, travel and occasions for optimal success.