Plan your meals and activities

Imagine you already know that there is going to be a cake tomorrow evening. Planning ahead helps! You can save up your Slims through your other meals so that the cake in the evening does not overshoot your allowance.

(A quick reminder: you can always use your weekly allowance for such occasional indulgences)

Planning ahead helps you in many important ways:

  • Avoiding temptation
  • Eating healthy
  • Moving more
  • Avoiding and overcoming triggers
  • Keeping within your recommended Slims allowance each day.

Remember, each day on Slim.in counts: whether it is in the Slims you eat, or in the Slims you earn with activities. Planning is among the most important tools you can use to stay on the path of your goal.

How Manav started planning his meals and activities

How Manav started planning his meals and activities

At 90 kilos, 35 years old Manav was finding it really difficult to manage his recurring back pain. His doctor had told him that weight loss was the only cure that would actually work. But Manav is a busy lawyer, with little time to devote to taking care of himself.

Over a period of months, Manav's back problems gradually increased to a point where he couldn’t sit at his desk for more than one hour at a time.

It was time to prioritise his health.

To get started, Manav devoted just 30 minutes planning his activities and food for the week. Once the plan was on paper, it was easier for him to manage his daily schedule to work around his activity and food schedule. Planning also made clear the areas where he had to take charge, such as making sure the fridge and the larder are stocked with foods that are good for him. The last thing planning helped in was in making his health goals visible, and tangible. It showed him the path of how he was to lose the extra weight and get rid of his back pain.

Like many others who are successfully on the path of losing weight and gaining health, Manav learnt one important lesson with the planning exercise. Weight loss is not just about losing the kilos, it’s about a change in the way you have been living your life.

Planning well in 7 Steps

  1. Plan your meals
    This is that one step that can help you reach your goals the fastest. This actually helps you to develop positive habits and increase your chances of becoming a healthy eater for life.

  2. Plan your snacks.
    Keep a healthier snack within reach, such as an apple, fruit, a bowl of carrot sticks or a low fat milk/yogurt to avoid hunger pangs.

  3. Put exercise in the schedule.
    When you know you have to go for a jog next morning, you can even take simple steps like dress in jogging shorts before going to bed to save five precious early morning minutes.

  4. Plan the partying
    If there’s eating out in store, make it part of your weekly plan. Try to imagine all scenarios that can ruin your diet and try to plan for them so that the damage is limited.

  5. Stop unplanned snacking
    Try not to eat anything other than what’s on your meal plan to avoid throwing your planned meals and snacks off track.

  6. Review and revise
    At the end of day, track whether you were hungry at lunch-time. If the answer is no, then drop that mid-morning snack. If you wake up hunger at night, keep a box of carrot sticks handy.

  7. Get back on track
    If you deviate from the plan, get back on track as soon as you can. Put what pushed you off track into the review and work it into next week’s plan.