How will my diet change on slim.in?

Slim.in does not mandate any changes to your diet. However, to eat healthily and lose weight successfully on slim.in, you will notice the following changes in your diet

More diary

Low fat milk and curd/yogurt is ZERO slims. Even full fat dairy is low slims. The idea is that you never have to choose between dairy and something else. You can always have dairy. If you are vegetarian, this is particularly important as dairy is your only source of Vit B12.

As a result, your dairy intake will go up to 300 - 500ml per day. It is the recommended dairy intake for most people and is very filling.

More fruits, vegetables and protein

Fruits and raw vegetables are zero slims and make ideal snacks or an occasional filler between meals. Along with milk, they will form a significant part of your daily intake.

Increasing protein intake (preferably plant sources like lentils/beans or lean meat) will also help stick to slim.in since they keep you fuller for longer.

Reduced carbohydrates

Most of us tend to eat a lot more carbs than is necessary for our diet. For example, 40 yr old, 5ft 8in, 72kg male needs 8 servings of carbohydrates a day to maintain his weight. Given that 1 serving is 1 medium chapati, or 3 heaped table spoons of rice/corn flakes, it is not difficult to exceed this (sometimes by lunchtime itself) for most Indians.

Staying on slim.in will nudge you towards a right carb diet.

Increased use of kitchen scales

Everyone makes their food differently. Sometimes, the Chana Masala you eat has hardly any visible oil and at other times, it is submerged in a layer of oil. Therefore, instead of showing slims for the final item only, slim.in shows you the weight of all ingredients that go into making a particular dish.

This also means that investing in a kitchen scale and standard measuring cups/spoons will be very helpful.