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Struggling to lose weight and keeping it off? Tried machines, pills, shakes, diets et al? Maybe it’s time to change your approach.

At slim.in, we know that long-term weight loss and staying healthy are related. This is why we have based our intervention on changing your lifestyle. Using group based weight loss meetings, we work with you on changing unhealthy habits thus leading to sustainable weight loss.

Since this concept is new in India, we are running free taster sessions. They will help you understand how slim.in may work for you. Filled with information and insights, the sessions will demonstrate, in brief, how lifestyle and behaviour changes can give you sustainable results.

The sessions will be led by Soujanya, a psychologist with vast experience running weight loss groups. She has recently returned from the US to be a part of our team.

Free slim.in taster session

What to expect at the taster session

Reading nutrition labels

In this section, we will learn to

  • Calculate the amount of salt in Kelloggs Special K and Lays Classic
  • Compare them to each other and to international recommendations

Healthy eating guidelines

In India, we typically eat less fruits, vegetables and milk than the recommended dietary amounts. The taster session will discuss recommendations and ways to increase the intake of these foods.

Understanding the importance of exercise to weight loss

This section will cover

  • Calories burnt from 30 minutes of different exercises.
  • The amount of exercise needed to burn some commonly eaten foods.
  • The importance of exercise in losing weight and maintaining weight loss.

Understanding obesity

Here we cover the most commonly asked questions like

  • What is BMI? What are the international and Indian cut-offs? Is BMI a good indicator of obesity?
  • What are medical reasons for putting on weight?
  • Why is it difficult to lose weight?
  • Is spot reduction possible?
  • How to increase your metabolism?
  • Are weight loss pills harmful?
  • Why is obesity harmful?

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Free slim.in taster session