Earning activity slims

Contrary to what you may believe, physical activity alone is not helpful when trying to lose weight: research shows this(https://www.theguardian.com/science/2016/jan/28/study-reveals-that-exercise-alone-wont-cause-weight-loss). However, research also shows that people who maintain their weight loss show a strong correlation between exercise and ability to keep the weight off.

Slim.in’s view on physical activity

Someone trying to reduce their calorie intake by 600 kcal would have to run on a treadmill for about an hour at a moderately intense pace (breathless enough to be able to talk but not sing). Doing this for a week might result in 1/2 kg to 1kg weight loss. With such results, no wonder a lot of people stop exercising even though it is probably the best thing they can do for their health. Therefore, Slim.in combines advice on exercise with diet management and a behaviour change-based intervention. Given the correlation between exercise and weight loss maintenance, you might as well start now!

Our database has hundreds of activities and their Slim values. You can “earn” extra Slims when you exercise. We assume a sedentary lifestyle when we calculate your allowance. Anything extra, like long walks, running, gym activities, yoga, house work, can be tracked. The earned Slims can be either “eaten” or used to lose extra weight that week. Earned Slims are not carried forward to the next week.

Frequently asked questions

Why is activity important?

Besides the obvious benefit of aiding your weight loss, there are numerous benefits of leading a physically active lifestyle. Exercise has been shown to lower risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, certain cancers, osteoarthritis, hip fracture, depression, dementia and more. It is safe to say that if exercise was a medicine, its patent holder would have been very, very rich.

How much exercise should I do?

Adults should aim for at least 150 minutes of moderately intense activity (can talk but cannot sing) or 90 minutes of vigorous activity (cannot speak more than a few words at a time) per week

What kind of exercise should I do?

You will find loads of suggestions in our [activity ideas] section.

Why do people who weigh more earn more activity Slims?

People who weigh more tend to burn more calories while exercising, thus earning more Slims for the same activity.