Diet vs lifestyle change

The biggest difference between a diet and Slim.in is that this one is about changing your lifestyle and outlook.

These lifestyle changes will challenge and reverse some of the ill-effects of the average urbanite’s pace of life.

Many of these skills weren’t needed in the generation before yours. But today’s environment contributes in significant ways towards weight gain. To counter this, you will need to change your lifestyle altogether.

Let’s spend some time on the word “diet”. What image does it bring to your mind? Do you see images of deprivation and hunger? This negative implication of the word is not the only problem we at Slim.in have with it. A diet is something you go “on” or “off”. Just going on a diet without the attendant behavioural changes does not actually teach you the skill of how to manage your weight.

Just dieting is a partial response. Slim.in is about something deeper and more holistic. It teaches you how to avoid the bad effects of the high-calorie, high-fat, fast-food, low-activity lifestyle that many of us have become used to.

Slim.in will teach and encourage you to overcome these environmental challenges. Over time, it will change the way in which you interact with your environment.

Why is behavioural change a more permanent solution

The lifestyle changes Slim.in will teach you are a long-term solution that work gradually on the way you eat, exercise, think and feel. We have created Slim.in as a sustainable solution. As you go through this content, you will learn important skills and approaches to help build your knowledge, your practices, and your confidence in making weight loss a permanent feature of your life.