Daily slims

When you register on Slim.in, we calculate your daily and weekly Slims based on your height, weight, age and gender. The daily Slims correspond to the amount you can eat daily. You should try to remain as close to it as possible. If you exceed on one day, you can always use the weekly allowance.

How do I use the Slims?

You can eat whatever is in your plan. Every food you eat has a Slim value associated with it. Some foods have ZERO Slims. Whenever you eat (or plan to eat) something, you can check its Slim value on the Track and Plan section of Slim.in. You can play around with how much you eat, find lower Slim alternatives and edit the recipes to match it with how you cook.

Eat whatever you like and whenever you like. However, our recommendation is that you use 20% of your allowance for snacks, to keep you full through the day. For a healthy diet, eat from all food groups (breads: roti/rice, vegetables: subzi, proteins: dal/meat/fish, yoghurt: dahi) and eat a variety of foods. One way of ensuring food variety is to eat foods of all colours.

Fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products.

Hunger is one of the main reasons people cite for going off a diets. On Slim.in, that can no longer be an excuse. This is because the following are ZERO Slim foods and do not count towards your allowance.

  • All fresh fruit. Do remember that dried fruit, fruit juices and smoothies are not ZERO Slims and should be tracked.
  • All vegetables, except potatoes.
  • Low fat dairy products, except when you make them in to paneer OR boil them for long, like in kheer. You can either buy low fat milk OR remove the malai (extra fat) before you use it. Cow milk is better than buffalo milk due to its lower fat content.

Our daily and weekly Slims assumes you are going to eat reasonable amounts of these. And btw, don’t worry. You do not have to remember all this! Track and Plan takes care of it all.

Frequently asked questions

Is it OK to eat less than my daily Slims?

We do not recommend it. You should try to eat your daily and weekly Slims without exceeding the allowance

Will I lose weight faster if I didn’t eat my weekly Slims?

Mathematically, yes. But it is really important to lose weight without compromising on nutritional requirements of your body. We would recommend you eat your weekly Slims.

Can I roll over my unused daily Slims to the next day? How about my weekly Slims?

Unused daily Slims cannot be rolled over for the next day. Weekly Slims last for the whole week but are not carried forward to the next week. Similarly, any activity Slims you may have earned are valid for that week alone and not carried forward to the next week.

How do I figure out Slims of restaurant foods?

The Track and Plan section has Slims values for thousands of restaurants, cafes and branded foods. If you do not find what you have eaten, then choose the closest equivalent. If Track and Plan throws up a few options, we would suggest choosing the one with the highest Slims. Restaurant meals are not known to be particularly calorie-conscious.

I'm eating my daily and weekly Slims, and I still feel hungry. What should I do?

You can always eat the ZERO Slim foods to fill yourself up. Or add some physical activity to your day and earn some activity Slims. If you think you are doing everything right, then try exceeding your allowance for a few days. Exceeding the allowance by up to 10% will not make a huge difference to your weight loss efforts.

How do I calculate the Slims value of a recipe?

Our 15,000+ recipes should cover most of what you eat and we are constantly adding more. If your recipe differs in terms of the amount of ingredients, feel free to edit the current recipe. As of now, we do not allow for adding of recipes OR adding ingredients to existing recipes.

What if I haven’t tracked for a long time? Can I just start again?

Sure. Just ensure you update your current weight as it might impact your Slims allowance.

How much weight can I expect to lose on Slim.in?

You should expect a weight loss of 0.5kg to 1kg per week. Experts suggest that this is a healthy weight loss rate.

Why are there no half Slims?

For ease of use, we round off Slims. This is also the reason why eating two of something does not necessarily mean that the Slims values are exactly double.

I am diabetic. Can I eat fruits for ZERO Slims until I feel satisfied?

Contrary to what some people think, eating fruits is not banned for diabetics. Do follow your doctor’s advice.

While we are at this what exactly is a calorie? And why do some people refer to kcal?

Calorie refers to the energy content in the food which, in turn, helps our body function. Technically, the correct unit is kcal. In everyday language, calorie and kcal are used interchangeably. Some people write it as Calories (with a capital C) to distinguish between the two. At Slim.in, we refer to them as calories.